The Musicians of Bremen, 606d, 1974


The Musicians of Bremen.  Illustrated by Robert Lumley et al. This book stands out in the series as being a little different from the others and there’s a bit of mystery about it.  The illustrations – although very vivid and full of character – look a little bit sketchy and unfinished.  The book was published in 1974 and, although artist Lumley was killed suddenly in a car accident, this was two years later and can’t explain why another artist (John Berry) was drafted in to put the finishing touch to some of the illustrations.  The last of the original 27 Well Loved Tales.

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A decent copy of this hard-to-find title.  Quite heavy edge and spine wear and a couple of light marks on the back cover (see photos).  The odd grubby mark but otherwise clean pages.   It dates to the mid-1970s and has an original price of 24p stamped on the back.

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