Birds of Northern Britain and Northern Europe, 1979


Birds of Northern Britain and Northern Europe, 1979,  Series 536.

This is the last book in the Nature series, 536 and the rarest. Birds of Northern Britain and Northern Europe was both written and beautifully illustrated by John Leigh-Pemberton.  Unlike the other books in this series, this book was written after a long gap and after the company Ladybird had been sold to a large conglomerate.  After the sale there was something of a loss of direction as the new owners tried to ring the changes.  One of the first things to go was the traditional Ladybird format: text on the left, full-page picture on the right.  This book is therefore the only one of the series to have the later format – with smaller illustrations and chunks of text distributed across both pages.  If you’re a collector of this series, you’ll need this book to complete the set.  John Leigh-Pemberton’s illustrations are as lovely as ever but, with the changes of format, a lot of the charm of the earlier books was lost.

This matt copy dates to the late 1970s.  It’s in excellent condition inside and out.  It has an original price of 40p stamped on the back

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