Cinderella, 1964, 606d


Cinderella, 1964.  This book, illustrated by Eric Winter, was the first book in the original series of 27 Well-Loved Tales books, the only one every to have originally been printed with a dustwrapper – and, in my experience, by far the most popular.   The text, as always in the books of this series, was written by Vera Southgate.  In her telling of the story, Cinders goes to three different balls and so artist Eric Winter presented us with three different dream ball dresses.  If you remember this book fondly from childhood, you probably had your favourite of the three.  So are you Team Pink, Team Blue or Team ‘White/Gold’?

A few years ago, Penguin printed a facsimile edition of this book with a dustwrapper.  If it’s more important to you  that the book you buy looks new and aren’t bothered about having an original edition (and don’t mind the slight change in colour reproduction) then you will probably be better off buying a newish facsimile edition.

This copy is the original:

Cinderella, matt boards, Illustrated by Eric Winter.  A bit of extra wear to the spine but generally in Very Good condition.  Inside the pages are very nice and clean.  It dates to the early-1970s and has 18p original price stamped on the back.

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