Garden Flowers, 1960 (Matt)


Garden Flowers, 1960,  Series 536.

This is the 8th book in the Nature series, 536.  Garden Flowers was written b7Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald and illustrated by John Leigh-Pemberton.  The earliest editions of this book were published with a dust-wrapper.

It is a gloriously colourful book which many people will remember from school, library or home.  It displays the most common garden flowers through the seasons – though mainly Spring and Summer, for obvious reasons, in a very grand setting.  I used to wonder why Leigh-Pemberton had chosed to use the grounds of a stately home as the backdrop to his illustrations rather than something more domestic, something more ‘Ladybird’.  But when I found out a bit more about Leigh-Pemberton’s background, I realised that he probably HAD simply painted the flowers as he saw them in his own back garden!

This matt copy is in very good condition inside and out.  The only notable fault is a bit of discolouration to the spine.  Inside it’s very nice with clean page..    This copy dates from around 1970 – the original price of 2/6 is printed inside but has been cancelled out and replaced with 15p.

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