Rapunzel, 1968, 606d


Rapunzel, 1968.  This book, illustrated by Eric Winter, was the 14 book in the original series of 27 Well-Loved Tales books.  The text, as always in the books of this series, was written by Vera Southgate.

Some odd things linger in the memory for many years after childhood.  Many people vividly remember the scene of the wife, craving the crisp salad in the witch’s garden more than they remember the poor blind prince feeling his way around in the wilderness.

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Rapunzel, 1971, matt boards, Illustrated by Eric Winter.  This copy, is in good condition.  The spine and back cover are well-worn and the binding crackles when you open it.  Although the binding is still secure, it might need some reinforcing at some point.  The reading pages are clean but for a tiny ink mark at the top of 3 pages.  Dating from the early-1970s, this copy was originally priced at 15p.

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