The Silver Arrow (Robin Hood), 1954 Series 549


The Silver Arrow, 1954,  Series 549. A Ladybird Robin Hood Adventure

There were only ever really two books in this series, although in the 1970s another 4 Robin Hood adventure books were added.  These later books were in a different format and with different style illustrations.  The illustrations in the original two books (The Silver Arrow and The Ambush) are super-evocative.  These were probably the first two books ever illustrated by John Kenney for Ladybird and the colours sing – and both were originally issued with dustwrappers.  The stories were retold by Max Kester.  A tip for collectors is not to fall into the trap of thinking you have found a book inscribed by the author.  All editions of these stories (and some othrers of the same era) contain a reproduced signature that looks very real.

This matt copy dates to the early 1970s and was originally priced at 15p.  It in very good condition generally – inside and out.

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Silver Arrow

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