Tootles the Taxi, 1956 (Matt)


Tootles the Taxi was the 9th book to be published in series 413 – the second series of Ladybird books ever produced.  The 413 series is quite a  random mixture of tales and rhymes – but all for pre-school children.   Tootles, written by Joyce Clegg, turned out to be one of Ladybird’s best-loved and bestselling books of all time.  It is made by the superb John Kenney illustrations.  Kenney illustrated Tootles at around the same time as he illustrated some of the Railway Series book (Thomas the Tank Engine).  The Rev. Awdry was particularly pleased with Kenney’s illustrations of his series – but Kenney’s skills weren’t confined to jaunty pictures of vehicles with faces.  He also illustrated The Circus Comes to Town, Robin Hood and most of the History series for Ladybird.  In such high regard was this book held that, in 1999, when the Ladybird factory was closed down, all employees were given a special, souvenir edition of this book as a parting gift.

This copy:

This is a matt edition.  It’s quite hard to find Tootles in good condition because it was such a well-loved book but I would describe this one as in good condition – the only significant fault can be seen in the photo – some light pen squiggles on the back cover.  Inside there’s no writing and the reading pages are clean though well-turned and there’s the occasional creased corner.   It dates to the late 1970s and has an original price of 40p on the back.

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