Peter and Jane 8b 1960s in Welsh (Y Ty Mawr)


There were 36 book in total in the Key Words reading scheme – the Peter and Jane books.  Each of 12 levels was divided into three: a, b and c.  The ‘a’ books introduced new vocabularly which was reinforced in the ‘b’ books while the ‘c’ books tended to focus on writing, spelling and phonics.  Book 6b  We Like to Help was first published in 1965.  It was written by William Murray and illustrated by Martin Aitchison.  At some point in the late 1960s or very early 70s the decision was made to issue most of the books in this series in Welsh.  The first 10 of the ‘a’ and ‘b’ books were thus published but not, I believe, the ‘c’ books.

This matt copy of 8b  is the original 1960s version.  It is in very good condition with just a bit of wear and discolouration the the spine. Inside  the pages are nice and clean. The book has and original price of 15p printed inside.

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