Come to France: Series 606G, 1969


There were just 3 books in the 606G ‘Come to’ series – and this is the first of them.  This book was written by Irene Dark and all three were illustrated by John Berry.   They were produced at a time when foreign travel was much less common and so when fairly close European neighbours still held fascinarion ans mystique.  Artist John Berry wasn’t sent abroad to illustrate them; his pictures are based on whatever reference pictures he could find in press-cuttings, travel books and postcards.  As a result, some of his illustrations – though beautiful and as realistic as you’d expect,  look a bit out of date for the 1970s.

This matt copy is in VG condition inside and out with only light wear to the covers – although there’s a small nick in the spine edge – and nice, clean pages.  It dates from around 1970 and has the original price of 2/6 revised to 12.5p on the back.

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