The Lord’s Prayer, 1961


The Lord’s Prayer, 1961, feels like a nostalgic trip back to 1960s school assemblies.  Even if you have no interest in religion, you’ll find it a lovely, notstalgic book because of the masterful Harry Wingfield watercolour illustrations.  Wingfield was skilled in so many areas but perhaps this greatest gift was his ability to portray the innocence and delight of childhood.  His pictures are idylic even when the subject is mundane – and some people may find them too chocolate-box.  But these were books intended for young eyes – not for us jaded adults and they make the world seem safe and secure – which is surely what children most need?   First printed in 1961, it was originally printed with a dust jacket.

This copy:

This is a matt edition.  It’s in good/very good condition inside and out but with a sticker on the front endpaper.  The back cover is a little grubby; the reading pages are very clean and fresh.  This copy dates to the mid-1970s and has an original price of  24p on the back.

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