June wrote the 1969 classic book ‘Indoor Gardening’ (series 633 and Learnabout series 634) “Indoor Gardening was the only Ladybird book I wrote.


My mother was instrumental in suggesting some of the ideas as gardening was her hobby. she is now 93 and stays with me occasionally. Other books published were Things for Juniors to do – Pilgrim Press. Making and Creating with Everyday Materials, Blandford Press 1969. And Things to Make from Bits and Pieces 1972.

I originally sent a synopsis to Ladybird Books and had a reply to say I would hear from them soon.

After waiting for about 6months I wrote asking for the return of my synopsis so that I could submit it to another publisher. I received a reply from Mr Douglas Keen the Director and Editor asking to see 24 pages of text and 24 pages of very rough illustrations. My artwork is not so good and I was delighted with Mr. Robinson’s skilful illustrations.

Mr and Mrs Keen arranged to meet my family and I with our three young daughters Jenny, Sally and Pippa at our cottage in Gloucestershire. they were lovely people and they brought with them the proofs of the book to be verified.

Soon after the publication my husbands job took us to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – a far cry from the solitude of Dartmoor where I lived for all of my teenage years. It was the changing colours of the moors, the ponies, skylarks, the ancient rocks and heather which made a lasting impression and where I learned to be creative in an almost isolated village.

In Kuwait I became distracted from writing. In my spare time I helped to rescue animals and eventually became almost vegetarian. I also started a kindergarten for expats. The Peter and Jane books were ideal for teaching the children of varying nationalities to read and write but having to cover the pictures to test whether they were actually recognising the words or just associating them with the pictures!