I am proud to announce the winner of this year’s Ladybird Christmas Quiz as …

Robert Fearn. Robert, I can send you your grand prize of Ladybird wind chimes if you let me know your address.

Here are the answers. In general it was the classical music which foxed people.

Question 1

(2 words)

Answer: Black Beauty

Question 2

(3 words)

Answer: Boys and Girls
(Peter and Jane book 3b)

Question 3

(Various contenders for this one. Choose the first of the series. 3 words)

Answer: The Silver Arrow(Theme to ‘Robin Hood’ Prince of Thieves)

Question 4

(1 word)

Answer: Fireworks(Music for the Royal Fireworks – Handel)

Question 5

(3 words)

Answer: Bonnie Prince Charlie(Skye Boat Song)

Question 6

(2 words)

Answer: Sleeping Beauty(Tchaikovsky)

Question 7

(2 words)

Answer: Baby Jesus

Question 8

(2 words)

Answer: The Snowman

Thanks to all those who took part

Happy New Year!