We’re lucky enough to live for part of the year in North Wales.  Earlier this month I went to Anglesey, to the Oriel Ynys Môn Gallery to see the Ladybird Tunnicliffe exhibition that’s on till the end of the year.  The gallery website is here:  http://www.kyffinwilliams.info/eng/

I heard about the exhibition here:

BBC website: Tunnicliffe exhibition

The exhibition was petite but lovely – featuring a large number of pieces of original artwork from the What to Look for series of book.  (I don’t recall seeing anything from the other book that Tunnicliffe illustrated: The Farm).  There were other bits and pieces too that brought the exhibition to life, such as Tunnicliffe’s sketch book and paint-box.  The museum also has a few Tunnicliffe pieces (not Ladybird) in the main gallery, such as the splendied ‘Shire Horses’, pictured above.  For younger kids there was a ‘Nature Trail,’ for completion of which they could earn one of the ‘4 Seasons’ badges. (I cheated, and just paid 50p for mine).

As always, when you see the artwork ‘in the flesh’  it has so much more impact that when you see it in a book.  The cafe was excellent and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful, so I would definitely recommend you pay them a visit if you’re anywhere near-ish-by.

Tunnicliffe is a fairly well-known artist and Anglesey is understandably proud of its links with him. But the visit got me thinking about artists and exhibitions and what we value and celebrate…

… But perhaps that’s another story.