In these degenerate times, a matter of great debate for many of us is not Global Warming, the Middle East, or Britain’s relationship with the EU but which of Cinderella’s 3 ball-dressses is the prettiest.

Although it always struck me that the ‘blue-satin’ camp were most vociferous, it was only consistent with Ladybird equity that the matter should be investigated more impartially.  I therefore put up the link to my ‘Vote’ page on Twitter.

A surprising number of people voted, and sure enough, Blue Satin appears to have won the day.  The dark-horse of the contest was Rapunzel’s medieval little number, which garnered many more votes than my own pick (pink silk).

Now let it never be said that I’m a poor loser.  I concede that the Blue Satin camp have won the day.  But let me also mention that the poll is still open …  Who knows if, with time, people will come to the rosy-tinged, silk-textured light …