I’ve have a very Ladybird focused few weeks. I’ve been corresponding with an ex-employee of Ladybird, the son of a Ladybird artist and with a relative of Willima Murray (author of the Key Word Reader scheme), met some of the current managerial team Ladybird team, met a family friend of another Ladybird artist, and had lunch with artist Martin Aitchison. The Ladybird-themed book ‘Boys and Girls’ mentions the address of my website, and this seems to have let to a big increase in visits to my site, which is great.

Martin Aitchison is soon going to be releasing a lot of new pieces of original Ladybird artwork and I’ve been trying to work on a picture gallery to display them. The only difficulty in all of this is that the day job and my family keep expecting me to have time for them …

Still no word from the Antiques Roadshow as to whether we’ll be featured – but if we are, it will be on December 23rd.

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