Did anyone else see the Antiques Roadshow this evening?

I caught the tail-end of the piece on Ladybird Book original artwork and had to catch up on what I’d missed on the BBC iPlayer.

Just one comment (leaving aside the irritation of hearing the young child models for the ‘Learning with Mother’ series referred to as ‘Peter and Jane’ – the inaccuracy of which would bother no one but an anorak like me).

The programme’s ‘expert’ rather under-values the very attractive Harry Wingfield artwork. I’m pretty sure that if those pieces came up for sale on eBay tomorrow they would sell for about twice the value that he stated. I know for a fact that attractive pieces of ‘real’ Peter and Jane artwork by Martin Aitchison sell for over £800, whilst a large, good quality print of Ladybird artwork can cost around £200.

Posted by ShoZu