On my website I’ve added quite a few new bits recently, so here’s a summary.

John Murray, son of the writer of The Impatient Horse sent me some background to the writing of the story – which has become perhaps the most sought-after Ladybird Book of all.

I’ve added a page of ‘Videos’ featuring Ladybird Books. Let me know if you think there’s a Ladybird video out there that should be on the page.

I’ve also added a Quintura cloud search on the ‘Fun Stuff’ page. Helps to while away a moment or two.

There’s probably some more stuff but I can’t think what right now. I’m just off to do a ‘sun dance’ (see Ladybird Books: “Learnabout – Things to do during rainy Half-Term Holidays”. I need good weather because I plan to take a few crate loads of Less-Loved-Tales to get rid of at the St Albans car-boot sale tomorrow.