It’s very satisfying to see the steep climb in visits to my website following the Timeshift Ladybird Books documentary last week.

The programme led me to review my website and to realise how horribly neglected it has been in recent months since I’ve been so focused on learning Chinese.  So my new year’s resolution list is headed by the determination to dust off and upgrade my Ladybird sites.

This will involve bringing my ‘bookshop’ into the 21st century, mending broken links, updating and adding to content. 

I’ve made a start already.  Somewhere along the line, all the data from my ‘Ladybird posh frock’ poll has disappeared.  This is an important matter and such vital research must not be lost to the nation.

As a result, I’ve started again.  But I need your data.  Women of Britain (or elsewhere) please let me know your views (again?).  Which Ladybird frock did it for you when you were a child? (Or maybe still does?)

Please vote and let’s replace the missing data.