This sale of Ladybird books took place some time ago.  I leave the blog post here just as a record – and as a reminder of the inspirational generosity of some collectors.

Some of the Ladybird books on sale

Some of the Ladybird books on sale

You’ve finally done it – you’ve got your hands on the very last book needed to complete your prized collection of Ladybird Books.  So … now what do you do?

What one pair of collectors, Kate and Philip Morgan, have done is to donate the whole lot  to a local Oxfam Bookshop to be sold off.

There are hundreds of Ladybird books in this  collection  – probably over a thousand and altogether they must be worth thousands of pounds, as all the rare titles are all there (although not shown in the picture) and are mostly in great condition.  The couple built up the collection in the usual way – trawling through secondhand bookshops and charity shops for years and ending up getting “quite obsessive about it”.  [Hmmm.  Wonder what that feels like … 😉 ]

The Oxfam Bookshop in question is in Cirencester and they have decided, rather than putting them all up for sale online, to have a launch.  In terms of prices, the policy is to set them at a level which is fair to the charity but makes the books cheaper than you’d probably be able to find them if buying them online.

The launch date is 8th February 2016 so if you collect Ladybirds and are trying to complete a set; if you are looking for a rare one or if you would simply like the chance to buy a whole load of great condition vintage books all at once, confident in the knowledge that prices are fair, then try to be in Cirencester on Monday 8th.  If you live nowhere near, the books can be reserved by phone from the 8th Feb and paid for by credit card or cheque.

So … if you can’t come in person, a booklist of the older, rarer books will be available the night before: the 7th February from .  When it’s realeased I’ll publish it here, and on my Twitter feed @lbflyawayhome and on the vintage Ladybird Book Facebook group.

HERE’s the link to the book lists:

*Strictly from the 8th Feb onwards*, books can be reserved by phone. However reservations will only be held until 5.15pm on 8th Feb, by which time the book must be paid for, either:

  • by payment and collection in person on the day
  • or by phone credit/debit card payment
Postage will be charged – at Royal Mail recorded delivery standard rates.

To make a reservation, the customer can call Oxfam on 01285 658729 

But remember – don’t do this before before 8th Feb.  

A great donation for a great charity and what a kind, generous act!  Philip and Kate Morgan,  I salute you.

Thanks to the power of social media and the hard work of a few volunteers, the Ladybird Book sale was a huge success and made several thousand pounds for the cause.