What do you do with a lovely old Ladybird Book that is totally clapped out and unusable?  I mean, scribbles on pages, missing pages … beyond redemption?

Do you, like me, still find it hard to throw them away?

The charm of old Ladybird Books lies principally in the artwork and if there are still pictures worth saving then save them I try to do.  I’m not the most crafty of folk, but this compulsion is enough to drive me to d… decoupage: cutting out pictures with fine scissors, and making a collage-esque picture with them.

Here are some that I’ve experimented with:

Looking on the internet, I seem people have toyed with similar ideas.  I love this idea posted on Twitter by @PeterInDevon – something he made for his son’s bedroom:

But perhaps the cleverest use I’ve seen so far is this bird box, posted on Twitter by @CraftFinder


Anybody else have any examples?