Rather belatedly, here’s news of some of the Ladybird Land business I mentioned in my last post. Episode 1.

The BBC4 Series Timeshift is going to do a whole long documentary on Ladybird Books!

They’ve been getting in touch with a whole load of Ladybird folk over the past couple of months and when my time came I spent a very nice time indulging in all things Ladybird.  The focus is going to be chronological, I think – 1940 to … 2000?  Tied together with the story of Douglas Keen.

The director was impressively on top of her brief – I would even suggest she might have been bitten by the bug, so enthusiastic was she about most aspects of the Ladybird story.  She was even able to tell me information I didn’t know about Ladybird – not bad after only a few weeks to research!

I’ve had a few experiences before of journalists and programme makers before.  This team, though, win my nomination for “nicest people to share an afternoon with”.  I hope the programme they make is as engaging and interesting as Merryn, Claire and Adam.

When I hear more about when the programme will be shown, I’ll share it here.