The fine weather cometh and what does that mean?

Car boot sale season is upon us again.

Last year was a bit of a wash out – too much rain, too many muddy fields, too few boot sales so I’ve got pent-up treasure-hunt energy and am particularly looking forward to this year.

It’s a bit of a triumph of hope over experience; the fact is that you almost never find anything special at car boot sales these days. Gone are the (albeit rare) days when you would come across a box of pristine matt books – fresh from their time-warp. Gone are the days of turning over a dust-jacketed copy of ‘The Party’, ‘In the Country’ or ‘A Little Silk Apron’ in a box filled with bits of curtain pelmet and sewing patterns. I was spectacularly lucky when acquiring the 6 books in the original Tasseltip series – 474. I found all of them, one after the other, in car boot sales or neglected in bookshops and never paid more than £5.00.

Now people know that Ladybird Books are collectable. My local charity shop has 3 rather scruffy ‘Words for Numbers’ books in the window, priced at an optimistic £5.00 each. So the chances of coming across that Benny Smith haul are frankly not great. But hey ho!