Why this is my favourite mug

Sleeping Beauty mug

This is a story I have been given permission to share – although I haven’t been given the name of the original narrator. It’s not me!

Growing up, my favourite Ladybird books were Snow White and Rose Red and Beauty and the Beast – illustrated by Eric Winter. My parents first read them to me and then later I read them to myself. The stories and pictures represented safety, comfort and beauty throughout my childhood.

Aged 13, first night at boarding school, crippled with nerves about the prospect of sharing a room with another person for the first time ever, and scared of the dark to boot, I had brought a few of the Ladybird books with me.

The other person turned out to be Sara, Eric Winter’s granddaughter (what were those odds!?) who sensitively let me have the bed near the window and streetlight (by which I could read) and left the curtains open.

We often talked late into the night about her grandfather and his paintings.

A few years ago the Red Cross produced a handful of these mugs. I sent one to Sara and kept the other. I always think of your grandfather and remember your kindness, Sara, when I drink from this.”

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