As we’re at that time of the year for looking back, it seemed a good time to share with you (or remind you) of some of the past winners of my Ladybird caption contest.


This contest takes place every two months on Twitter – the first Saturday of the month.  After I post the pictures, the Twitterati suggest captions and vote for the best answers.The next contest will take place next Saturday 7th Jan – so it’s also a timely reminder for those of you who are good with captions (which I most certainly am not).  Just one big rule: all entries must be clean and unlikely to cause offense.

Below: some of my picks from the gallery of glory.  If I have missed out your entry – apologies; I don’t keep great records so my selection here is a bit random.  If I have wrongly ascribed winners, please let me know and I will make changes.

Most successful entries are gloriously daft:









Sorry – I’ve lost track of whose entry this was.  Let me know if it was yours

I usually put up two pictures in each contest – and occasionally someone finds a way to caption them both in one go:


Some entries were were more topical:


And who could forget this entry, shortly after press ‘revelations’ about the university activities of David Cameron:


Well done to all  not just the winners (I’m full of admiration – just can’t do it myself) but to all who entered or voted.  I look forward to more great entries in the months to come.

Happy New Year