Here is Peter. Here is Jane and here is an excellent vehicle for spoof and parody.  This is fun!

Peter, Jane, Mummy, Daddy and Pat the Dog have been asking for it, pretty well since they were invented, in 1964.   Elsewhere on this website you’ll find varations on the theme of Ladybird spoof.

For example, there’s Wendy Cope’s poem, ‘Reading Scheme’ reflecting on Mummy’s relationship with the Milkman:

Amongsy all this parody, one piece that is attracting attention and no little controversy is Miriam Elia’s recent book: ‘We Go the the Gallery’.

According to the Channel4 Publishers Penguin may take legal action against artist Miriam Elia and her book We go to the gallery . A satire on modern art, it’s written in the style of the Ladybird books key words series.

This video explains the story – in mock Reading Scheme style!