As fans of Alfred Hitchcock Movies like to try to spot his cameo role in each film, so a Ladybird book collector can try to spot all the wonderful instances of Ladybird publicity in books.

There are loads of them, all over the place – some small and sneaky – some gloriously blatent. The chief practitioners of the art of self-publicity are Peter and Jane. They never resist and opportunity to plug a new Ladybird book (or ideally serveral if they visit a library or a bookshop). The illustrators (particularly Harry Wingfield I think) must have seen it as a matter of pride to see how many ‘references’ they could include in their pictures.

Here’s an example of small and sneaky: You can just spot ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Farm’

to bold and brassy:

Spoilt for choice – will it be How it Works – The Motor Car, Captain Scott, The Story of Railways, The Holy Land, Trees, The Policeman, What to look for in Winter, Book of Saints, The Story of Flight, The Story of Ships, The Nurse, Light Mirrors and Lenses, Houses and Homes – or perhaps another Peter and Jane book…??

Jane particularly seem to enjoy reading Peter and Jane books:

Here we see Jane, learning to read all about herself.

And here she is, in book 1C, practising her writing using book 1C.