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Collecting Ladybird books

Collecting Ladybird books

Collecting Ladybird books is a very rewarding hobby and can be scaled up or down, according to your interests, space available and budget.  You might want to start collecting Ladybird books that you remember from your childhood and see where it leads you.  Vintage Ladybird books were published in numbered series and often there are clues on any given book as to how many other books were published in the same series.  This can encourage you to ‘complete the series’.  You might find then that you are attracted to the work of a particular writer or illustrator and decide you would like to find the books by that individual.  Some people decide early on that they want to collect every Ladybird book published between specific dates.  Personally, I am mainly interested in collecting the Ladybird books published between 1940 and 1972 (when the company was sold) – and many other collectors come to a similar decision.

A huge number of vintage Ladybird books can still be picked up from very little money.  If you decide you want the very earliest books and earliest editions, you will need to spend more.  If your pockets are well-lined, then you can turn your attention to buying the original Ladybird book artwork.

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