Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975

What’s on in Ladybird Land

There are a lot of exhibitions taking place connected with Ladybird’s so-called ‘Centenary’ year. It’s quite hard to keep track of what has happened, what has been planned and what’s on. I thought a round-up might be helpful. 1) The…

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A slice of humble pie

As I said in my last post, I don’t believe a Ladybird Book ever existed where, in teaching the alphabet, ‘A’ stood for Armoured Train. Daft notion. Although a rumour of its existence has circulated for years, I’ve seen how…

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Further Fear in Ladybird Land

In my last post, I talked about the fairy tale characters that frightened us most as children. These characters were all story book ‘villains’ – designed to be scary.  However, as I said last time, children can often respond to…

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Martin Aitchison and the Bexhill Exhibition

Do you recognise any of the books in this picture?  You probably do.  These are just some of the books illustrated by the wonderful Martin Aitchison – one of the most versatile and prolific of all ‘Golden Age’ Ladybird artists….

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Frightened of a Ladybird – part 1

Children’s responses to things can often be surprising.  My son, for example, would sit cheerfully through the most alarming scenes of Doctor Who but then was kept awake for night after night after a particular episode of Thomas the Tank…

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Collecting Ladybird books

Storing or displaying?

Seeing some of my lovely books so beautifully displayed at the De La Warr pavilion recently really made me think about my collection in a new way. These books had been sitting in boxes in my shed for years, if…

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Collecting Ladybird books, Society

Locating Lynn Brailey

Bookplates Is your name Lynn Brailey? WAS your name Lynn Brailey? Then perhaps you are being sought. Not for anything bad – this is Ladybird Land, for goodness sake. Let’s go back a stage. Lots of old Ladybird Books have…

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